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Eurythmy studies

Each year in September we start a new course for people who love to move and are interested in studying Eurythmy.

Requirements are:
 *  German skills are required / language of instruction is German
 *  Age between 18 and 30 years (with a special talent, older students are recorded)
 *  Least advanced secondary school
 *  Love of language and music (basic musical knowledge required),
 *  Active interest in anthroposophy
 *  The need to deal with artistic matters apart.

If you are interested in a eurythmy training, there is always the possibility to visit us to get to know as well teachers and students in their everyday school life and to get a concrete picture of what is described here. If you decide to study, then please send us to the completed application form, a curriculum vitae (with copies of your academic and work references), a medical certificate and three passport photos. We will then invite you to an entrance exam.
The date we will arrange with you. The entrance examination is described in the study and examination regulations under downloads.

Tuition fees are currently  € 2760, - per year, that means  € 230, - per month. Through the help of donors, the school may grant relief from tuition fees to a certain extent.

Federal financial aid
Since autumn 2010, the Berlin Eurythmy is recognized as BaföG Eligible.

Eurythmy Diploma
At the end of the education a diploma is issued which is recognized by the section for talking and  musical arts, the Goetheanum, Dornach.

The diploma entitles for independent eurythmy lessons, courses, seminars, accompaniments and others.

With this diploma one can complete – after an entrance exam – the master's programm, for example at Alanus University in Alfter.

Pedagogical Diploma
In the four years of basic training the basic pedagogical qualification is integrated.

The pedagogocal diploma can be aquired by two 4 week internships following the basic training.
The diploma authorizes to work as a eurythmy teacher at a Waldorf school or kindergarten.

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